Teatro Vista, Theatre with a View, was founded in 1990 by Edward Torres and Henry Godinez to address the lack of opportunities for Latinx artists and other artists of color, and to explore the new work of Latinx writers that challenged not only the actor and director, but also the audience.

In 1995, Godinez left the company and Edward Torres became Artistic Director. Under Torres’ direction, Teatro Vista used the stage to engage, connect and challenge audience members through Latinx stories that reflect the universality of our humanity. In 2011, Teatro Vista was celebrated as one of 25 of “Chicago’s cultural leaders” by the Arts & Business Council of Chicago, and received the League of Chicago Theatres’ Artistic Leadership Award.

In January 2013, ensemble member Ricardo Gutiérrez became its new Artistic Director. Today, Teatro Vista is enjoying its 25th season, having grown to be Chicago’s preeminent Equity Latinx theater company producing full scale, Latinx theatrical productions in English.

Our Mission

We are firmly committed to sharing and celebrating the riches of Latinx culture with Chicago audiences.

Teatro Vista is a premier Chicago theater company dedicated to nurturing and presenting voices that explore the wealth and variety of the human experience from a Latinx perspective. Teatro Vista’s ensemble of professional theater artists do so collectively through theater productions that reinterpret established plays, as well as by commissioning and creating new and dynamic works. Of equal importance is Teatro Vista’s commitment to nurturing new talent and supporting the diverse individual interests and efforts of its ensemble members.

Our Values

We believe in the transformative power of theater.

We believe we are intricately connected to each other and therefore we are inclusive. We believe sharing stories through performance is an exceptionally potent way to bring people together.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to sharing new work by new playwrights in cutting-edge productions and presenting classic plays featuring artists of color.

Teatro Vista is the vanguard of Latinx theater in the United States, a place where Latinx and non-Latinx artists can expressively flourish and excel to the highest level of theatrical professionalism.